What is a Mil(l)ieu?

A Mil(l)ieu —-

So what is it?

of course there are plenty of definitions of millieu out there. http://www.thefreedictionary.com refers to it as

An environment or a setting

This is pretty straitforward and easy to comprehend. An environment or a setting….. that refers to quite a lot! actually some may even think that the term environment could even be used with milieu interexchangably. Well, i doubt that . It might be true that the Dutch literal translation of ‘milieu’ means ‘environment’ but somehow my gut feeling tells me there is more attached to the concept as such.

Now, I found the German definition as proclaimed in http://www.duden.de. It is a little bit more sophisticated.

Umgebung, in der ein Mensch lebt und die ihn prägt

For all those billions who actually are unable to speak this strange language: It could be translated as ‘Sorrounding in which a human being is living and by which she or he is shaped’. Thus, it not only refers to fixed situation like the words ‘environment’ and ‘setting’ would suggest, but more to a process. Shaping and living, after all, are processes that cannot be adequately understood as being completed at a given moment in time.

I like it more. It allows more variety. And somehow it allows myself to become part of this shaping process. I am not only mere reciever of information but a unique processor of them — and sometimes even producer!  Hence, it allows me to think about my environment as being shaped by me, shaped by my force, my will and my understanding of the world. To put it in a nutshell, it allows me to life in a free and fabuluous world.

Amid all these definitions the character of the word milieu actually refers very well to the nature of this blog. it deals not with me as a person but with my observation of my milieu, of my sorrounding, all information i recieve and the process of how my brain transforms these abstract things into thoughts and actions.

It is the way how I percieve my world

So what is all this about?

Simply put, it is mostly about what i think of the world. It can stand testimony as witness of our times. It can, however, be just bits and bites no one will ever read.

So what is the content?

Good question! As it is my world around me it can comprise anything from restaurant tips to questions on peace of war.

Well, so far, enjoy reading and keep following, discussing and viewing your life and your world on your own. After all, you shape your milieu!


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